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Your satisfaction and your success are our benchmark. Lighthouse gained experience and expertise from years of building and implementing mission critical applications in commercial airline and IT Business, in particular in the implementation and integration of electronic flight bag solutions and related Software. Our mission is to guide you safely through the shoals of your IT business processes.

To compete in the global economy and to take up the challenge of constantly changing markets, it is essential for airlines to rise their agility and efficiency while reducing recurrent costs at the same time. Lighthouse offers tailored EFB solutions to realize these Goals and adresses your specific requirements.Learn More
LibViewer enables the display of digitized documents and manuals on your desktop PC, laptop and tablet. The information previously hidden in countless pages of printed books will become available in seconds. LibViewer is not only usable in an integrated EFB environment but also as a stand-alone application, making it ideal for your sales or service employees.
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A detailed analysis and requirement phase is the foundation of any successful IT project. We look at your usual work processes to analyze them in terms of your potential IT implementation.
We offer a wide range of consulting services and professional assistance not only limited to the field of EFB solutions or aviation industry.Learn More