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To compete in the global economy and to take up the challenge of constantly changing markets, it is essential for airlines to rise their agility and efficiency while reducing recurrent costs at the same time. Lighthouse offers a tailored EFB solution to realize these goals and adresses your specific requirements.

Lighthouse EFB seamlessly integrates existing and future application and content providers into a single protected and intuitive user environment. Our long experience has taught us that every customer is unique and requires just such solutions. Our EFB Platform solution is therefore based on a solid modular structure, which allows us, to tailor the product exactly to your needs and goals. Our EFB Platform is ready to grow with you and your needs. From the cost-efficient entry level to highly integrated solution.

Lighthouse delivers the Lighthouse EFB as a consistent, comprehensive and modern platform for applications and services that helps airlines to bring data and information to the place where their core business takes place – to the aircraft. The Lighthouse EFB supports commercial airline crews to reduce daily workload and to increase the focus on essential cockpit task by providing instant access to reliable and up to date information – just in time.

Our EFB Platform is ready to grow with you!

We know that every customer is unique and we provide a solution that fits your current and upcomming needs and requirements.

Modern UI Design

The user interface was designed and created in close cooperation with aeronautical engineers and airline pilots with special regards to the unique cockpit environment like heavy sunlight exposure or turbulences. It is tested to provide the best user experience, reduce workload and prevent human errors. All user interface elements are optimized to be operated via a touch-pad interface.
Modern UI Design
Modular Architecture

Modular Architecture

All flight processes are encapsulate in separate modules, to allow a high rate of scalability and enables airlines to compose the content of the EFB solution based upon their individual needs. We have ready-to-use modules available to integrate well known third party applications like CI OPS from Pace, eRoteManual from Lido or several performance calculation applications.

Seamless integration

The platform application suite for the onboard devices is responsible for a seamless integration of all installed modules, management and distribution of flight relevant data to the application modules. Data management includes also a controlled and secured update process as well as provisioning of aircraft data obtained via an optional ARINC 429 connection.
Seamless integration

What Else? What is your benefit?

Lighthouse EFB can provide a significant contribution to numerous cost reductions through increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption and associated CO2 emission and operational improvements such as delay recovery.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of potential benefits which can be realized depending on the individual airline business Environment.


  • Reduced printing, administration/revision and distribution costs

  • Reduced costs for document archiving

  • Reduced workload for flight crews and ground staff

  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs by accurate performance calculations

  • Improved safety concerning onboard performance calculations

  • Increased payload concerning real-time, single point performance calculations

  • Maximize the use of cost index optimization

  • Reduced personnel costs in document handling

  • Reduced costs by process automation and optimized information flow

  • Easy integration into existing airlines IT network

  • Persistent solution over all fleets and backend systems

  • aircraft type independent

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Lighthouse EFB Solutions

Lighthouse EFB can play a key role when improvement of Efficiency
and effectively is the target.

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